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We offer full-cycle software development
Our expertise ranges from business analysis to implementation, testing, and post-launch support of software products.
We are experts in large-scale project management
We regularly participate in massive projects as a part of larger teams. We enjoy the opportunity for mutual growth in cross-functional and multicultural environments.
We have a strong industrial background
We’ve gained solid experience across multiple industries, including automotive, energy, mining, and logistics.
We create intuitive
UX/UI designs
We help to increase the accuracy of employees’ decisions with the adequate GUI/UI design for complex industrial systems.
We adopt
We can effectively handle changes in project requirements and quickly react to evolving market demands.
We can automate your Quality Assurance
We are well-versed in test automation that enables precise tracking of QA processes and raises the end product quality.
We are proficient in refactoring legacy systems
Our skill set includes integration of extensions into legacy systems and development of new end-to-end solutions.
We are competent at system integration
We create open architectures that are ready for smooth and quick integration with external hardware and software components.
20+ years of experience
50+ experts or specialists
10+ industries
200+ successful projects
Applied Systems provides software development services for industrial business. Since 1997 we have been solving non-trivial engineering challenges in automotive, energy and manufacturing sectors.
We are always ready to address our customers’ specific needs and provide services that meet the highest quality standards.
Sergei Usovich

Applied Systems Ltd.
ul. Kamennogorskaya 47
220055 Minsk, Belarus

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Phone: +375 17 227 10 30
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