Zdravo Cross-Platform Mobile App for Health Control

Cross-Platform Mobile App

for Health Control

Key facts:

Customer’s know-how was implemented exactly as required

• Intuitive and easy-to-operate user interface

• Flexible solution for both tracking health indices and planning appointments at partner medical centers


A healthcare start-up, the owner of innovative methodology for early disease diagnostics and health risks detection, wanted to create a mobile app for its website Zdravo.by. The client chose Applied Systems as an IT partner since it successfully worked with the company before, and the results of the cooperation were highly appreciated.


Recently the popularity of Zdravo.by, and thus its customer base, substantially increased. The start-up wanted to reach out to these customers with a well-designed and useful cross-platform native mobile app.

The future solution should provide quick and easy access to Zdravo.by key services. It would also support the following features:

• synchronizing with a user’s Zdravo.by account

• managing medical appointments and adding them to a calendar

• filling out and saving results of examinations

• making image attachments

• showing recommendations and planning future health examinations at partner medical centers


Since Applied Systems possesses a proven track record in cross-platform mobile development, the first production version was delivered within just 3 months.

The analysis of the customer’s requirements and current development trends prompted to use the following tools: Android Studio, Gradle, Java, git-tfs plugin, GIT for Android and Xcode, Objective-C, GIT for iOS.


Zdravo Client mobile app helps to manage user health records and appointments at partner medical centers in a clear and intuitive way. As all the data are kept in a single storage and accessed from portable devices, they can be shared between specialists of different medical centers. With mobile-specific features at place, Zdravo Client app will become a users’ virtual medical card.

The app will be available for download in major App Stores since January 2015.


Zdravo Cross-Platform Mobile App for Health Control screen #1