Web and Mobile Health Check-ups Planner

Web and Mobile

Health Check-ups Planner

Key facts:

Customer’s know-how was implemented exactly as required: pass a test, know potential health risks and get recommendations

Full–cycle solution to plan health check–ups


A Belarus-based startup, the owner of innovative methodology for early disease diagnostics and health risks detection, decided to develop a multipurpose application, helping people to create a personal plan of health checkups.


One of the most important conditions to increase life quality and longevity and prevent serious diseases is a regular and timely health check-up. The customer wished to assist its users in dealing with the abundance of health services and create an optimal examination plan.

The client identified several ways to plan health check-ups. Depending on the amount of the provided information an examination plan is proposed. The basic plan is provided to everyone. However the more information a user enters, the more detailed the plan is. Advanced users may customize the plan based on their demands, beginners and busy people may get a plan just in a few mouse clicks.

Major challenge is a variety of available healthcare services, their comparison, matching them with requirements and integrating into one comprehensive system.


The project aimed at creating a web application with the possibility of exporting health examination plans to the dedicated mobile client is available on iOS and Android. The target audience is non-specialists therefore information is collected by answering a set of specially selected simple and clear questions. A health check-up plan is generated automatically, based on the detected health risks. The workflow consisting of 3 main steps is natural and simple: enter personal data, obtain an examination plan, schedule an appointment. The proposed user interface is intuitively clear for both experienced users that can choose from the spectrum of services, and newcomers, that can get the plan in a few mouse clicks.

The intelligent search engine collects medical organizations’ offers and provides users with the choice of services that fits their needs. It is possible to optimize the plan for the cost of services, elapsed time and geographical location.

In addition the system allows organizations to promptly update the proposed services and cost, and to hold marketing events for attracting customers from the web portal.

The analysis of the customer’s requirements and current development trends prompted to use the following tools: mvc, asp.net, c#, mssql, TFS, Android studio, Gradle, Java, git-tfs plugin, GIT for android and Xcode , Objective-C, git-tf plugin, GIT for iOS.

All these technologies in total allow multi-tier applications development, separating platform-specific from platform-independent components and provide high productivity, scalability, and security.


High qualification of Applied Systems engineers accomplished with the mature software development process allowed to publish the first production version in a minimal time.

Applied Systems continues to collaborate with the startup maintaining the application. The project has become a very important tool in the sphere of planning health check–ups. The system allowed users to control their health and plan medical appointments at partner medical centers in a simple intuitively clear way. It provides a seamless integration of web portal and mobile application.


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