Web Application for Analysis of Body Systems

Web Application

for Analysis of Body Systems

Key facts:

Customer’s know-how was implemented exactly as required

• Intuitive and easy-to-operate user interface

• Flexible solution for both tracking health indices and planning appointments at partner medical centers


The customer is a Belarus-based start-up, which has developed a unique know-how for early disease prevention and risk detection in different body systems. It needed an experienced software development team to create a multipurpose web application.


The client wished to implement its know-how and offer a comprehensive application for health control and disease prevention. Since no similar product existed on the market and the client wanted to become a leader in this niche, a number of criteria for a future solution were identified.

First of all, it should distinguish by high-class usability and easy operation. The client places primary importance on these features because it targets a wide audience ranging from health-conscious users to medical centers.

Secondly, the web application should provide comprehensive functionality, namely:

• controlling health indices

• conducting surveys

• advising on health risks prevention

• analyzing results of lab and doctor visits

• storing anamnesis

• creating a complex model for all body systems

Finally, the solution must be flexible enough to support changes and updates, address user feedback and further develop the analysis system.


Applied Systems team carefully analyzed customer’s requirements. In order to successfully meet them, it was decided to refrain from using existing web-application development frameworks and create a tailored solution from scratch. The emphasis was placed on designing and developing a top-notch user interface.

The SCRUM-based software development process was used, it allowed reacting quickly to changing requirements, especially big data algorithms analytics, usability, the list of partner medical centers and their services.

In order to ensure higher performance, scalability, and security, the solution was built on Microsoft technology stack, in particular ASP.Net MVC 5, C# and MS SQL.

MVC-based applications are ᴀexible, easy to extend, support and update. ASP.NET allows using MS Visual Studio, which in turn simpliḀes and speeds up web application development as well as increases the resistance to malicious actions.


The solution was implemented by Applied Systems according to the customer’s requirements. The maturity of SCRUM-based software development process allowed deploying first production version in 6 months. The usage of ISTQB quality assurance techniques ensured no major defects.

Applied Systems continues to collaborate with the startup. The project has become a very important tool in the sphere of online medical diagnostics. The system allowed users to control their health, track health indices, plan medical appointments at partner medical centers, get recommendations and store the results in a simple and clear way. There are no more needs to waste time for appointments, and to care about the hour of the day as the service is always at hand and available even at night.


Web Application for Analysis of Body Systems screen #1
Web Application for Analysis of Body Systems screen #2