Industrial Internet of Things

Unlock the potential of your industrial data

Today, the Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) is one of the major trends with significant implications for the global economy. The introduction of automation and more flexible production techniques become vital for modern manufacturers. Volumes of data in the industrial world are growing faster than in any other sector of the economy.

The ability to analyze large amounts of production data from multiple sources, such as equipment sensors, control systems, helps the industry to support intelligent decision-making and to achieve operational excellence.

Key benefits of IIoT for industry

Reduction operating costs
Improving product quality
Increasing performance
Boosting operational efficiency

Core IIoT technology

Sensor-driven computing
Industrial analytics
Intelligent machine applications

Our experience

Applied Systems has been developing software solutions for data-intensive industries such as Automotive, Mining, Energy, HVAC, Healthcare and more.

We have a solid experience in the following areas related to the Industrial Internet of Things:

Software development for devices and controllers;
Creation of solutions for big data acquisition, storage, and visualization;
Development of tools for real-time analytics of large data flows;
Integration of multilevel and multicomponent industrial systems into the overall enterprise infrastructure.
Data generation

Sensors, PLC, devices.

Unlock data potential
Software for industrial sensors, gateways, measuring devices, and controllers;
Embedded systems, integration of hardware and software components, wireless and mobile solutions;
Wide variety of digital interfacing for optimal compatibility;
Wireless technology including security enforced solutions for remote equipment access using Wi-Fi and GSM networks.
FDI/FDT Interoperability Solution Toolset for the automatic configuration of testbed instruments
Data collection

SCADA, cloud.

Allow to track and manage data from all edge devices
M2M and data integration interfaces development;
Real-time data acquisition solutions;
IoT platforms and cloud applications customization;
Experience with relational and non-relational databases.
Integration of a Condition Monitoring Platform with Siemens Industrial Controllers Azure-based Backend System
Data visualization


Turn data into information, enjoy better visibility
End-user applications with custom UI and UX;
GUI from simple graphs to a complex multi-panel control system;
Full-scale, cross-platform, and feature-rich industrial web solutions.
Graphical user interface for the nuclear material account and control system User-friendly human machine interface for complex industrial equipment
Data analytics


Make sense of production data
Tools for real-time analytics allowing to filter and harmonize a large data stream;
Analytical solutions that provide a convenient representation and interpretation of a vast amount of production data.
Data analytics toolset for mining equipment Enhancing Real-Time Data Analytics in Vehicle Emission Testing

Complex monitoring solution.

Transform data into actionable insights
Alarm and error management systems;
Interactive control elements;
Fully integrated solutions for specific user scenarios.
Propheto – Condition Monitoring & Predictive Maintenance Platform Medical gas monitoring system

IoT technology stack

Development frameworks/ SDK
Communication protocols
Data formats

Why develop your IIoT solutions with Applied Systems

Experience in building complex industrial solutions for 20+ years since 1997.

Proficiency across multiple data-intensive industries: mining, automotive, energy, HVAC, healthcare, and more.

Deep expertise in the integration of a wide range of devices, platforms, and protocols.

Full-cycle software development.

Delivery of flexible solutions, either by integrating an extension into an existing system or developing an end-to-end solution.

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