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Today, manufacturing machines and devices generate amounts of data unimagined before. To analyze this massive data flow and identify ways to improve equipment productivity and reliability, convenient and ergonomic industrial data visualization software should come into play.

Here are the challenges data visualization faces in machinery-intensive industries:

Adjustability to particular technological processes

Applied Systems has extensive experience in developing solutions for processing, visualizing and analyzing real-time and historical data from complex industrial systems. Our software helps machinery-intensive industries visualize and analyze large volumes of data. We create full-scale, cross-platform and feature-rich industrial web solutions of high complexity, quality and performance.

Our expertise

Domain knowledge

Applied Systems has solid experience in automotive, mining, energy, HVAC, healthcare and other industries. Our knowledge allows us to understand a particular customer’s use cases and develop a truly convenient way of human-machine interaction.

HMI development

We develop effective human-machine interfaces designed to present complex, highly dynamic data in a usable, easy-to-understand way. Our solutions can increase the accuracy of personnel decisions and streamline the execution of commands while driving decision-making processes.

UX/UI design

We create user-centered, interactive UX/UI design that is consistent with industrial requirements and standards. Our solutions provide manageable visualization of a vast amount of data without compromising performance.

Web application development

Applied Systems’ web development team has a profound understanding of complex service-oriented industrial applications, which enables them to develop creative and high-performing industry-led products.

Our scope of services

Consulting and analysis
UX/UI prototyping and design
Development and testing
Maintenance and support

Web development toolset

Featured Projects

Fast HTML5 application to visualize vehicle speed profiles for the automotive industry

Applied Systems developed an application to visualize vehicle speed profiles on test beds. The solution powers the customer’s exhaust gas measurement system by providing high-performance visualization and real-time interaction with the operator.

The use of HTML5 and Canvas facilitated a better visualization of the cursor, increased the render speed (refresh rate with delays below 1/50 of a second) and enhanced performance (CPU utilization below 3%). The application can be customized to meet multiple customers’ requirements.

Automated nuclear material account and control system

AtomicKeeper is an automated nuclear material account and control system used by nuclear power plants, regulatory bodies and nuclear waste storages to meet nuclear safety objectives.

Applied Systems’ platform provides convenient visualization of massive volumes of different types of data to help the personnel identify risks and improve the visibility of critical assets.

Why develop your web solution with Applied Systems:

20+ years of custom software development

Full-cycle product development

Quality assurance, including test automation and compatibility testing

Creative design services

Domain knowledge

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