Automated setting of system equipment to work in line with open or proprietary standards

Accelerating industrial automation raises the need to integrate devices and control software. The disruptive technologies of Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) and Industry 4.0 take industrial systems to a new level of decentralization and openness.

In this environment, devices and systems from different manufacturers should be able to interact with each other. Many vendors introduce their own standards for component interaction or join forces into consortiums and create open standards.

In all cases, special software is required to provide parameterization and configuration of industrial systems and devices to enable collaboration. Ultimate simplification of system adjustment becomes the new most important competitive advantage.

Common tasks solved

Integration of different standards and working with different versions of protocols to ensure complete coverage of devices
Creating and maintaining an updated catalog of different device types
Making editing tools convenient
Verification of the system condition, detection and elimination of configuration errors at the earliest possible stage
Intuitive visualization of connections between devices
Automation of particular configuration steps

Key benefits of the configuration software

Less time required to commission and start up complex industrial systems
Simplified modernization and addition of new components
Fact resolution of problems caused by improper configuration
Faster personnel training

Applied Systems has a vast experience in developing software for automated setting of industrial systems to work in line with open or proprietary standards of our customers.

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