White paper: Automated Generation of Customized Industrial Control Systems

Leverage an effective GUI design and development solution for SCADA and DCS

Industrial companies turn their eyes to custom SCADA and DCS software, expecting a fast deployment as well as the ability to meet their requirements to the fullest.

A configurator developed by Applied Systems allows employees to generate quotations for a configured control system and automatically create a software model of that system with all the necessary interactive GUIs. All without writing a line of code.

This white paper will help you to answer the following questions:

  • Why does mass production approach no longer work?
  • How has the ‘customization’ trend changed the manufacturing industry?
  • How does customer-specific configuring apply to software products?
  • What are the challenges of configurator development for SCADA or DCS software?
  • How to achieve rapid configuration and automatic generation of complex industrial systems?
  • How can software configurators streamline production processes?

Get your white paper and learn how a GUI configurator can improve the efficiency and accuracy of a production process.


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