.NET Excellence

.NET Excellence

For more than a decade of international and in-house project experience, Applied Systems has contributed a lot to improve its competency in .NET technologies and ensure compliance with the ever-growing software development requirements. Since 2011, the company has been a Microsoft partner with Silver Software Development competency, which both confirms its proficiency in Microsoft development products and technologies and provides access to the latest software and knowledge base.

All this enables us to supply our customers with the variety of features and advantages provided by the .NET framework.


Our team of architects, developers, testers, and maintenance engineers delivers a wide range of value-for-money services to satisfy almost any customer needs:

Design and development of secure custom .NET-based applications

The Applied Systems team is ready to share with you the best of its .NET expertise in custom software development, from feasibility study and requirements analysis to application design and development. Whether a web-based, desktop or mobile application, a simple stand-alone solution or complex enterprise systems, our products are traditionally distinguished by their elaborate user interface, enhanced compatibility, and improved security.

Customization of third-party .NET-based software

There is no third-party solution that can meet every business need of a company. Thus, a certain degree of customization is inevitable in the majority of cases. Our company provides a broad range of customization services, including consulting, analysis of application business logic, application code review, design and implementation of customization concepts.

Migration of applications to .NET, upgrade of applications to a higher version of .NET

With the extensive technical know-how and perfect command of the .NET technology, our specialists guarantee a flawless and smooth migration of your legacy code to the new platform, connection of your software to a different database or upgrade of the existing .NET software to a higher version, which results in improved performance and security, easier integration with external tools and applications, and advanced UI elements.

Quality assurance and testing of .NET applications

Our QA Department carries out all types of application testing at every level, from unit to system testing, according to approved requirements. In their wok, Applied Systems’ specialists rely on Octopus, an effective automated test control system, which is both used as the primary in-house testing tool and available for purchase to companies involved in software testing.

Maintenance and support of developed .NET applications

We provide maintenance and support services both for customer products and products developed by Applied Systems. Our dedicated support team ensures that you get remote assistance on the first demand. During the support service period, we apply our best practices and expertise to provide you with effective troubleshooting, patches, updates and improvements as may be required.


Kicking off every new project, Applied Systems uses a flexible approach to deliver the best methodologies depending on the project type (Agile, CMMI etc.) and stakes only on reliable and proven tools to ensure the flawless execution and successful implementation of the project. Using Microsoft Visual Studio, Microsoft Team Foundation Server, and Octopus, an in-house developed system for build testing automation, not only provides a convenient development environment and automated build management facilities but also enhances collaboration effort during the whole project life cycle. In particular, our approach allows for:

• Effective communication, project role distribution, progress tracking, version control.
• Set of development tools for creation of .NET-based mixed-language solutions.
• Common user interface for environment configuration and build parameterization.
• Automated compilation of product builds.
• Guaranteed automated regression testing of builds.
• 24 hours 7 days a week of unmanned operation.
• Uniform cumulative reports and improved logging system.


Our .NET experts wield an extensive stack of proven techniques and methodologies to maintain the high level of provided solutions at every stage of project implementation:

.NET Framework

• Windows Communication Foundation (WCF)

• Windows Presentation Foundation (WPF)

• Windows Workflow Foundation (WF)

.NET Framework: Windows Communication Foundation (WCF), Windows Presentation Foundation (WPF), Windows Workflow Foundation (WF)

Web Services




• OData

• Rest

• Soap

Web Services: ASP .NET, IIS, JSON, OData, Rest, Soap

Web Applications




Web Applications: ASP .NET, ASP .NET AJAX, ASP .NET MVC

Rich Internet Applications (RIA)

• JavaScript

• RIA Services

• Silverlight

Rich Internet Applications (RIA): JavaScript, RIA Services, Silverlight

Desktop Applications

• Silverlight

• Windows Forms

• XAML Browser Applications

Desktop Applications: Silverlight, Windows Forms, XAML Browser Applications

UI Development Tools


• DevExpress

• Infragistics

• Telerik

UI Development Tools : ASP .NET AJAX CT, DevExpress, Infragistics, Telerik

Data Access


• Entity Framework


• NHibernate

Data Access : ADO .NET, Entity Framework, LINQ, NHibernate

Mobile Applications

• Windows Phone

Mobile Applications : Windows Phone