Mobile Development

Mobile Development

It is hard to underestimate the fact that mobile and wireless technologies are getting increasingly popular among all market segments today. The industry of wireless technologies and devices is continuously evolving to provide users with traditional functionality on the one hand and satisfy the increased demand for connectivity and mobility in modern lifestyles on the other. The frequent introduction of new products and services makes consumers’ expectations grow rapidly, while businesses from almost every industry strongly rely on the latest mobile and wireless facilities in their everyday work. This poses a greater challenge for IT companies making them bring innovative ideas to a new level and improve their products to get the most out of increased data speeds and cutting-edge technologies.


Mobile technologies are demanded in every market segment and have a significant impact on all consumer groups from households to governmental institutions and businesses. Applied Systems brings its mobile technology expertise to customers in all domains, but industries that are most likely to benefit from our mobile solutions include:

• vehicle manufacturing and environment protection

• industrial equipment and electronics

• energy and oil and gas

• chemistry and medical technology

• construction and facility management

• housing and public utilities

• healthcare and healthy lifestyle

• multimedia and entertainment

What We Do

Since 2003, Applied Systems has been working on software solutions for a European facility management project. The developed software is used in equipment that measures the flow parameters in heating- and cooling systems. Our team has developed a special software ecosystem for the customer’s products, consisting of desktop and mobile applications, a software licensing system, and a download system stored on the server.

In the past few years, Applied Systems has also contributed a lot to the development of wireless real-time field service solutions based on the augmented reality technology. The product range includes mobile, office, and online server solutions allowing technicians to gain remote access to critical information related to a work order and perform all necessary tasks on site.

For the last five years, the company has invested in a number of mobile startups devoted to healthy lifestyle and entertainment for kids.

What We Deliver

Users’ expectations of mobile functionality have come to a new level when calling and messaging is not enough anymore. Manufacturers and software development companies are forced to keep pace with the trend and take advantage of the latest technologies to reach the target consumer and satisfy the increased requirements.

Applied Systems’ team provides expert guidance, designs and develops mobile solutions for all popular mobile platforms. Our extensive knowledge of the latest trends in mobile technology and hands-on experience in making the most of platform features allows us to build applications that meet all modern requirements. Our company offers you a broad range of mobile development services:

• Consulting, analysis, prototype design

After a thorough requirements analysis, we advise our customers on the feasibility of new solutions, improvement of the current application performance and usability, compatibility and scalability of applications across different platforms and on different types of devices. To demonstrate the required functionality to the customer and ensure it is implementable we may create simple prototypes and mockups.

• Mobile application development

Applied Systems’ design and development expertise covers a wide range of application types running on all major mobile platforms, including iOS, Android and Windows Phone:

- custom native applications

- augmented reality applications

- third-party service integration

- distributed client-server solutions

- enterprise mobile business applications

• Mobile web development

Our specialists are ready to help you evaluate your needs and choose the most effective approach to make your mobile web presence successful. Whether it is a dynamically generated version of an existing desktop site or a standalone mobile web site, we make sure it is optimized for handheld viewing with an appropriate content layout, mobile-friendly navigation, as well as mobile-specific features and functionality.

• QA and maintenance

With the wide variety of devices, operating systems, and networks on the market, it is hardly possible to maintain quality standards for mobile applications and websites. Applied Systems offers you an extensive stack of quality assurance services from SRS to functional and non-functional testing to facilitate going mobile. At the same time, as part of our maintenance strategy we adapt and modify previously developed applications to comply with the new operating system versions, update application projects, and manage data bases and application content as may be required.


Our mobile development department wields an extensive stack of proven techniques and methodologies to maintain the high level of provided solutions at every stage of project implementation:


• Android

• iOS

• Windows Phone

Platforms: Android, iOS, Windows Phone


• C

• C#

• C++

• Java

• JavaScript

• Objective-C

• Objective-C++

• Python

Languages: C, C#, C++, Java, JavaScript, Objective-C, Objective-C++, Python


• AFNetworking

• Android NDK

• Android SDK

• Apache Ant

• CocoaPods

• Cocoa Touch

• Core Data

• Git

• Gradle


• Metaio SDK

• ORMLite

• RestKit

• SQLite

Tools/Frameworks: AFNetworking, Android NDK, Android SDK, Apache Ant, CocoaPods, Cocoa Touch, Core Data, Git, Gradle, iOS SDK, Metaio SDK, ORMLite, RestKit, SQLite

Development Environments

• Android Studio

• AppCode

• Eclipse

• IntelliJ IDEA

• Visual Studio

• Xcode

Development Environments: Android Studio, AppCode, Eclipse, IntelliJ IDEA, Visual Studio, Xcode







Technologies: AJAX, ASP.NET, CSS, HTML, XAML